Numbness in the tips of the hands and feet is what disease?

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Anyone who experiences numbness in the tips of their fingers, toes, or even their arms, legs, hands, and face, the doctor may suspect that they have a dangerous disease related to peripheral neuropathy. Will these symptoms increase the risk of developing more serious diseases like paralysis or paralysis? How can we prevent them? Let’s see.

Numbness in the tips of the hands and feet is what disease?

What is peripheral neuropathy?

When the brain is like the control center for transmitting electrical currents The brain controls the transmission of electrical currents to various organs through wires, or in this case, nerves. and has high voltage wires or the large nerve located in the spinal cord that is ready to distribute electricity to other nerves One more fry

But when the nerves begin to have problems at some point causing that part of the organ to function abnormally Therefore, it may be the source of peripheral neuropathy. that causes numbness on the ยูฟ่าเบท tips of the hands and feet The nerves are unable to sense pain, burning, tremors, or control of the muscles.

How important are nerves?

As mentioned above, Nerves are like electrical wires that transport energy throughout the body. Therefore, if nerves do not function properly, It will be sent to that organ. Also works abnormally

There are two main types of nerves, including nerves in the brain. controlled directly from the brain Does not pass through the spinal cord Controls the functions of various senses such as seeing, smelling, tasting, balancing, swallowing food, moving facial muscles, pronunciation, and controlling muscles in the shoulder, neck, and tongue.

Another type of nerve is the general nerve that is distributed throughout the body. It is a nerve that comes from the spinal cord. It can be subdivided into sections. Both nerve roots that come directly from the nerves in the spinal cord group of nerve roots and peripheral nerves that takes care of the muscles of various organs

Peripheral neuropathy What is the cause?

  • Have symptoms of a herniated disc or compression of a nerve by a tumor
  • Side effects from infections from diseases such as tuberculosis
  • There is a lack of blood supply.
  • Have various chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure.
  • Had abnormalities since birth

Risk factors for developing peripheral neuropathy

  • genetics from family who may have had a disease related to abnormal nerve function
  • Have a history of infection from any disease
  • high blood sugar levels May be at risk for nerve disease caused by diabetes.
  • Work with your wrists a lot. Until you may be at risk of having a compressed nerve in your wrist.
  • are kidney disease patients that must be treated by hemodialysis, dialysis

Numbness of the hands and feet, dangerous, risk of paralysis?

Because of numbness at the tips of the fingers and toes Related to abnormal nerve function Therefore, if there is an abnormality to the point of having an inflammation of the seventh cranial nerve, it may be a type of paralysis called Bell’s palsy which is the most common cranial nerve disease as well

How much numbness is there in the tips of the hands and feet? Should I see a doctor?

If there is slight numbness in the hands and feet for more than 2-3 days and it doesn’t seem to get better. Try changing your behavior first. Maybe exercise Change your posture frequently during the day, or change your mattress or pillow. If it doesn’t improve within a period of not more than 1 week, hurry and see a doctor before symptoms worsen.

It can be seen that there is numbness in the tips of the fingers and toes. It will begin to be found more and more in the working age group. Or even people who work with heavy wrist work, such as housewives and cooks, due to their hard-working lifestyles. No time to exercise There is no time to change postures during the day. and insufficient rest or incorrect Therefore, if you feel any abnormal symptoms occur You should see a doctor immediately for a timely diagnosis before it’s too late.