Denmark 1-1 England: Euro 2024 match highlights, each side sharing a point, waiting to decide the final group match

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• This is a game of mistakes. Both the goals that occurred and the details of the game.

• Denmark shared points with England in a 1-1 draw

• And here are many more. Things that can be seen from this Euro 2024 game

Denmark 1-1 England: Euro 2024 match highlights, each side sharing a point, waiting to decide the final group match

The wound has not yet faded.

Even though it’s true It’s been a long time. But the painful elimination from 3 years ago still hurts deeply. Love is debilitating. Love is uncertain In the hearts of dairy cow cheerleaders.

Because Denmark finally recovered from the brink of death, losing their number 1 playmaker Christian Eriksen since the first ทางเข้า ufabet game of Euro 2020 and made it to the knockout round with bloodshed, but it turned out that they were able to take a long step when they reached the knockout round.

Ultimately, it was thwarted by a controversial penalty. Raheem Sterling’s diving opportunity to take the penalty.

It was especially painful because at that moment, at that hour, Denmark was just one step away from reaching the final — their first since Euro 1992 — and who knows, they might just win the final, albeit with a bit of luck.

The worst thing is that once that day has passed, it may never happen again.

After that, Denmark and England didn’t have a chance to meet again.

When they met in the second game of the Euro 2024 group stage, Denmark came with a burning anger in their chest, even though the image of the friendliness of the dairy fans made the atmosphere of this game friendly.

22 change 1

It was quite a departure from expectations with the starting eleven that both Kasper Hulmand and Gareth Southgate revealed for the game at the Waldstadion in Frankfurt.

Denmark’s starting 11 has only one change, with Wolfsburg utility wing-back Joachim Mehle replacing Alexander Bah on the right.

But even though only one person was changed, Kasper Hulmand took the opportunity to adjust the system a little on the offensive line with a 3-4-2-1 formation, moving Jonas Wind down to a low forward position (alongside Christian Eriksen ) for the benefit of chasing and pressing, leaving Rasmus Hoylund alone to support the upper half.

Southgate’s side did not change, did not care about the criticism, did not care about any criticism at all.

The Three Lions’ starting 11 remain the same.

Kieran Trippier starts at left-back as usual.

Trent Alexander-Arnold continues to play in central defence.

Phil Foden also returned to the left wing to link up with Bukayo Saka and Harry Kane.

In the handshake between the coaches of both sides before kick-off

Try listening carefully. You may hear the word “Thank you bro” from Hulmand’s mouth over Southgate’s worldliness

Game of Mistakes

Forget about quality football, the fun and exciting exchanges.

Although this game is indeed “entertaining” for fans, it comes with errors that each side has brought to show.

The first goal came in the 18th minute after a mistake by left wing-back Victor Christiansen, a 21-year-old youngster who was too busy trying to attack. (And his friends didn’t shout) until Kyle Walker ran over and snatched the ball into the penalty area before Harry Kane focused on it and there was nothing left.

Or Denmark’s equaliser in the 34th minute, although part and parcel of the praise must go to Morten Hulmand ‘s quality shot , on the other hand it was also the fault of England’s defensive midfielder who did not step back to block the shot. The one closest to Hulmand was winger Saka.

Apart from the two goals that came, it kept coming.

  • Missed finishing moves,

    inaccurate passes,

    missed throws

    , lost the ball,

    failed to set up the game forward,

    etc., etc., all fall under the category of errors.