Girona hiccups! Rumor: Newcastle are looking to snatch a manager to replace Eddie Howe.

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Girona must have their spines tingling when Newcastle United are rumored to be looking to grab Michel to replace Eddie Howe in order to recover from the crisis of poor performance in the Premier League this season.

Girona hiccups! Rumor: Newcastle are looking to snatch a manager to replace Eddie Howe.

In the case of Girona, they have produced excellent results this season. Recently, news appeared that could shake up the entire club. Newcastle United are looking to grab Girona manager Michel Angel Sanchez Muñoz to replace Eddie Howe . Recovering the crisis of poor performance in the Premier League this season

Eddie Howe is now the second favorite to be the next Premier League manager to be fired. After making Newcastle lose 7 of their last 8 games in all competitions. And the ranking in the Premier League table has dropped to 9th. More than 10 points behind the top four in the UEFA Champions League ticket zone.

Even though these poor results were caused by the main reason being that more than half of the Newcastle team were injured. Including Sandro Tonali who was banned for the entire season. But speculation has begun that both Newcastle and Eddie Howe may choose to let go of each other soon.

Recently, Spanish media outlet Marca spread the news that Michel. The 48-year-old Spanish coach who took Girona to flying high, was a surprise. It is being watched by Newcastle who may soon part ways with Howe and bring Michel to St. James’ Park as a replacement.

It is not yet clear whether Michel’s side will accept Newcastle’s invitation or not if they are indeed approached. When moving to England brings huge rewards. But staying with Girona means he will be able to continue his work all the way to the end. On a mission to lead the team to a ticket to the UEFA Champions League.

For Michel, he is a former player in La Liga in the 2000s before retiring from playing and managing his old team, Rayo Vallecano, followed by Huesca and Girona, respectively, with the last job starting in 2021 and leading the ทางเข้า ufabet team. Finished in 10th place last season, until it was a surprise to compete for the top spot with Real Madrid this year.