5 ways to solve the problem of oily hair and hair loss like Japanese women

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Oily hair and hair loss problems The main cause is due to the hot weather that causes you to sweat a lot. Makes the scalp sticky And affect the hair accordingly, so girls need to keep the scalp clean. In order to be able to solve the problem of oily hair and hair loss. Today we would like to bring you a solution to the problem of damaged hair, oily hair and hair loss, typical of Japanese women. In order to obtain strong hair to leave each other.

5 ways to solve the problem of oily hair and hair loss like Japanese women

1. Wash your hair with water.
Washing your hair with plain water is wetting the whole head. Especially the scalp should be exposed to water thoroughly. which is different from washing your hair as we are usually familiar with Pour water without getting your scalp wet. Followed by washing your hair with shampoo immediately. while keeping the scalp clean Without the problem of oily hair and hair loss typical of Japanese women. will focus on washing your hair with water which in addition to being watered down on the hair and scalp. Should use your hands to massage all over the head as well. in order to stimulate blood flow

2. Hit the shampoo until foamy before washing your hair.
Japanese women wash their hair by whipping the shampoo into a lather. Before bringing to the pool. This will help the shampoo spread evenly on the scalp. Unlike pouring shampoo directly onto the hair. will make the shampoo not evenly distributed Also rub the shampoo on the hair until foaming. will cause the hair to cause severe friction As a result, the hair is not soft and shiny.

3. Lightly scratch your head.
I believe that many people have been scratching their heads vigorously. every time you wash your hair because in addition to feeling that it helps the scalp get rid of itching It is also thought to help keep the scalp cleaner. but in reality vigorous scratching of the scalp will cause the hair to be greatly damaged Because the hair is most sensitive during the wash. Therefore, it is advisable to scratch your head only gently. Or use a ufabet https://ufabet999.com massage method all over the head, it helps to stimulate blood circulation as well.

4. Focus on cleaning the scalp.
Solving the problem of oily hair and hair loss It is important to focus on cleaning the scalp first. Some people may misunderstand that Having strong and shiny hair must be cleaned at the hair specially But in reality, the scalp is the result of all hair.

5. Wash the shampoo bubbles clean.
Washing the shampoo clean Helps the scalp not stain. It also ensures cleanliness on the scalp and hair as well. It should focus on the occipital area as well. Because this area is often a pile of shampoo and various stains. that flows down from the scalp and hair itself

How are you doing with how to keep your scalp clean? To say goodbye to the problem of oily hair and hair loss like Japanese women that we share together. It can be seen that many ways we do it on a regular basis. May be part of the destruction of the hair is possible. but anyway Hair Care Must pay attention to the cleanliness of the scalp as we can not deny it.