Kidney disease early symptoms and last observed

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Kidney disease is considered a silent disease that usually does not show symptoms in the early stages. The cause of the disease comes from many factors. But nowadays, it is found that inappropriate dietary habits Especially eating very salty It plays an important role in kidney disease.

Dr. Wantana Saingarm, director of Satun Hospital, said that chronic kidney disease is a common disease at present. And it is a more serious public health problem. It is also one of the reasons leading to disability and high mortality rate. 

causes of kidney disease

Most of kidney disease is caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. In which most patients have incorrect behavior. both in terms of taking medication In the early stages of kidney disease, there are no symptoms. Causing patients to not receive timely treatment from the health team , from which such problems are necessary to gain knowledge Become aware of the mind and adapt. To slow down the deterioration of the kidneys and lead to good UFABET health.

Kidney disease early symptoms and last observed

The severity of kidney disease

For kidney disease, it is divided into 5 stages according to the renal function value or GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate). The stage that must be closely monitored is Stage 4, which is severely deteriorating kidney function, with less than 35% functioning, and Stage 5, which is kidney function. Chronic failure works less than 15%. 

kidney disease symptoms

The most common symptoms of kidney disease are the early stages. Some patients are asymptomatic. but know that kidney disease from abnormal blood or urine test results In addition, other symptoms such as

  • swollen eyelids 
  • swollen body 
  • headache from high blood pressure 
  • foamy urine
  • Urinating more than twice a night

Information from the Kidney Center. Bumrungrad Hospital states that end-stage renal failure patients will have the following symptoms:

  • anorexia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pale, itchy, swollen body
  • uncomfortable, panting, tired
  • Can’t lie down because the body has accumulated waste.
  • The balance of water, minerals, acids, alkalis and hormones of the body.

kidney disease treatment

kidney disease treatment It is a kidney replacement therapy. In order to have a better quality of life and prolong life, there are 3 methods:

  • Hemodialysis by artificial hemodialysis (hemodialysis)

is the removal of waste and water from the blood The blood will leave the patient intravenously and pass through a filter to remove waste. Adjust the electrolyte balance and pH to become healthy blood before the hemodialysis machine returns the blood to the body.

  • peritoneal dialysis

Dialysis fluid is inserted into the abdomen through a catheter implanted in the patient’s abdomen to filter waste from the body.

  • kidney transplantation surgery

It is surgery to remove someone else’s kidney and put it in the patient’s body to replace the original kidney that can no longer function. The new kidney may be obtained from a living donor or from a deceased donor through donation from the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center.

How to reduce the risk of kidney disease

  1. keep your body healthy and maintain blood pressure levels and blood sugar to always be normal
  2. Reduce eating spicy foods, especially salty, sweet, and spicy foods.
  3. Control your weight to be within the normal range.
  4. control drugs that affect the kidneys Avoid taking drugs that we don’t know their efficacy or taking unnecessary drugs, especially painkillers or herbal medicines for a long period of time.
  5. If you know that you are at risk should hurry to see a doctor to find a way to treat