Reese urges Liverpool to bring Haaland to the team

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An outstanding performance since his time at Red Bull Salzburg. Ering Braut Haaland has attracted the attention of many of the top teams in Europe. Especially Manchester United wants Ering Braut Haaland to join the team very much. In addition, there is also Real Madrid are preparing to create the Galaticos era again. Also interested in Ering Braut Haaland as However. Chelsea made an offer for Borussia Dortmund to consider immediately before it was quickly rejected.

Of course, Ering Braut Haaland is a key player. Borussia Dortmund do not want to let the team’s back-up player go out at the moment. But the problem is his release clause. Ering Braut Haaland will work immediately after the 2021/22 season, with Ering Braut Haaland’s release clause at only 64 million pounds, so many teams are ready to make offers immediately, especially. Liverpool and Manchester City are eyeing Ering Braut Haaland to join the team as well.

In which Yon Arne Rize suggested that Liverpool hurry to bring Ering Braut Haaland to join the team because if Manchester City can go, it is even more unrivaled by Jon Arne Riise. I would love to see Ering Braut Haaland playing in a Liverpool shirt, and Ering Braut Haaland would also fit in with Jürgen Klopp’s plans, but Manchester City are aiming. Bring Ering Braut Haaland to the team as well and if they succeed it will be even more dangerous.”