Rössler beats Martial after a poor performance in the last game.

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Last season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer attempted to start Anthony Martial for a chance to prove himself, but has appeared to be unable to prove himself at Manchester. United had a moment. Especially in terms of their almost nonexistent dedication until Manchester United had to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo and Anthony Martial became one. As a reserve only and has actually entered the field for Manchester United in the English Premier League. Just one match.

And in the Carabao Cup against West Ham United. It was an opportunity for Anthony Martial to prove himself again but was unable to do anything until the very end. Manchester United’s disappointing defeat to West Ham United and quickly run out of one title challenge. Uwe Rössler being unsatisfied with Anthony Marci’s performances. Jal in the latest match and also revealed that Manchester United seems to have only played 10 people in the past match.

“Anthony Martial has made it clear he doesn’t want to stay at Manchester United. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be a good manager and manage his players 1-1 very good. But Anthony Martial did not show his thirst for victory at all. Manchester United only appeared on the field with 10 men. I personally think that Anthony Marc Cial has almost nothing to do with Manchester United and has shown no potential.”