Byrne reveals young players would be happy with Brighton qualification

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Although facing the League Championship side Swansea City. Performed quite satisfactory Graham Potter decided to send a substitute into the field for almost a full set. Also gave the young players a chance to play on the field. Also whether Haydon Roberts, Mark Leonard, Taylor Richards. Ed Turns and Jeremy Sarmiento by Brighton can The game closed quickly in the first half with two goals from Aaron Connolly and Brighton progressed to the next round successfully.

Which Dan Burns praised the young players who have done a great job and also helped Brighton to win the victory without conceding a goal Not conceding a goal in the last game. It shows that the young players in our team are very good and have to admit that Swansea City are a very good team but we have followed our specific game plan. Two young defenders who help the team not concede goals.”

“And that we are able to successfully qualify for the next round is a very good opportunity for young players to get more playing time because they don’t get the chance to play in the English Premier League and win the match. Recently, it has created a lot of confidence for all players and we hope to continue to perform well in the next match “Brighton is preparing to attack Crystal Palace in the English Premier League.