Gallas reveals White is on a different level than Varane

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Arsenal urgently need to strengthen their defense following the recent split from David Luiz. Although Arsenal have previously been interested in Sergio Ramos and have filed an appeal. Offered higher than other teams. But in the end, Sergio Ramos decided to reject the offer that Arsenal had made because he did not play in the UEFA Champions League. Causing Arsenal to have to Rushing to look for a new defender and in the end. Arsenal agreed to pay up to 50 million pounds to bring Ben White from Brighton to join the team.

Although Arsenal initially offered an offer of 35 million pounds, Brighton rejected all offers before pushing the price to 50 million pounds. While Manchester United are looking for a defender. The same newcomer paid only 40 million pounds to bring Rafael Varane to the team, with William Gallas revealing Ben White was a deal that was not worth it at all to Rafae. William Gallas said: “There must be an explanation for the high price of Ben White.”

“Because in reality, Ben White is on a different level with Rafael Varane because Ben White hasn’t proven himself yet. But the fee has gone up to 50 million pounds and I personally hope Ben White will step up. Came up as a great player, just now he has not proven anything wrong with Rafael Varane, who moved from Real Madrid and has been very successful, “Arsenal prepared. Dealing with rivals in the city such as Tottenham Hotspur, who have lost two consecutive matches in the next match.