Gerard Unhappy After Chukwumeka Contract Discussions No Progress

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Aston Villa’s England manager Steven Gerard admits he’s not okay with new contract talks with Carney Chukwumeca. Yet there has been no progress and rumors of a transfer. Came out continuously

Carney Chukwumeka is considered one of the players who are doing well at Aston Villa. Despite being just a young player and most recently. Many teams in the English Premier League are interested. Carney Chukwumega despite having fewer appearances. Aston Villa are still working hard to extend Carney Chukwumega’s contract to ensure the player stays. Stay with Aston Villa to be the main force of the UFABET team in the future.

But the problem is that Carney Chukwumeka has no sign of extending his contract with Aston Villa. Because he has to have the opportunity to play in the field continuously. Causing the news of the transfer of the team that has started to appear. It was immediately possible that Steven Gerard was furious that talks over a new contract with Carney Chukwumeka had not made any progress with news of the transfer coming out. Always there, Steven Gerard said in an interview: “I know that nothing has changed at the moment.”

“We have done our duty, now it’s just the decision of Carney Chukwumeka and I personally can’t say much because it’s a matter of the future,” said Carney Chu. Quumeca has not made four appearances for Aston Villa in the English Premier League, and his next game against West Ham United could be a substitute.