Pep: Liverpool have a chance to catch up with Man City

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola admits Liverpool are still behind Manchester City although they are 12 points behind after City’s recent win.

Although Manchester City and Liverpool have lost just two of the English Premier League. Manchester City have won 19 of them, while Liverpool have only 14 wins. Although they are less than two. But the score is 12 points behind Manchester City’s easy 2-0 win over Brentford from Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne. Giving Manchester City an edge. Ter City is still the 1st place in the standings.

And now there are only 14 matches left to finish the season. making the chances of Manchester City winning the English Premier League is very high. But Pep Guardiola has warned the ยูฟ่าเบท team that they should not be underestimated. Liverpool are decisive because there is a chance that Liverpool will score a point overtaking Manchester City immediately. If they can’t perform consistently well. Pep Guardiola giving an interview that Liverpool still has few competitions left. Than us by 2 matches.

It means Liverpool will narrow the gap to just 6 points. If they get all their wins back and 14 matches left. Meaning anything can happen and the English Premier League is an event. It’s always difficult for us. So we can’t underestimate Liverpool because Liverpool have the opportunity to immediately overtake the top of the table if we don’t continue to perform well.