Not cute at all! Coach Metz: Mbappe should be more humble

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Metz manager urges Kylian Mbappe to be more respectful of opponents After the players show behavior that should not be done by mocking opponents.

Credit: AP

Metz manager Frederic Antonelli has urged Kylian Mbappe to urgently improve his behavior. After he had a chance to taunt his rivals. By pointing out that it must be more humble.

The incident happened when Ashraf Hakimi scored in a 90+5 stoppage-time win. A goal that gave PSG a 2-1 lead to take three points. At the moment the ball lies in the bottom of the net The 22-year-old. France striker has made inappropriate behavior to mock Metz goalkeeper Alexandre Uchidha. Before running to rejoice with his teammates, Ukidya ran after him to get the story. Before being banned by PSG players before

“Mbappe should be better if he wants to be respected. i love this player he is very strong But it would definitely be good for him if he was more humble.” Frederic Antonelli, Metz manager. gave an interview on this issue after the game.