Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer According to Forbes rankings

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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-earning footballer in 2021-22, according to Manchester United’s streak. Forbes financial magazine

Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken reigning champion Lionel Messi to become the world’s highest-earning footballer in 2021-22 with an estimated earnings of £91.5 million. 4.1 billion baht)

According to Forbes’ latest list of financial magazines. Cristiano Ronaldo has a yearly income of 91.5 million pounds. divided into 51.25 million pounds of his salary with Manchester United and Another 40.25 million pounds has come from various sponsors. Last year’s reigning champion Lionel Messi earned a total of £80.5 million. including £54.94 million from PSG. Which is more than Ronaldo. But the sponsorship revenue is considerably less at 25.6 million pounds.

Ronaldo, 36, has scored four goals in three games across all competitions since his return to Manchester United in the second round. He played a key role in leading the team to the top of the Premier League alongside Chelsea and Liverpool with 13 points each, while Lionel Messi, who has made three appearances for PSG, is still playing by his standards. The only thing missing was the door. He still has to wait for the first goal with the new agency. He is currently recuperating from an injury that will take 1-2 weeks to rest.