The contract is less than a year left! Bayern Munich set to make an offer for Rudiger

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Bayern Munich are reportedly interested in signing Chelsea centre-back Antonio Rudiger. The remaining contract is less than a year.

Credit: REX

Antonio Rudiger has less than a year left on his current contract with Chelsea. Recently, he has been rumored to be a target in the reinforcements of Bayern Munich, the top team from the German Bundesliga.

Antonio Rudiger, 28, has less than a year left on his contract at Stamford Bridge. He is currently earning only £100,000 a week. If his new contract does not progress He can negotiate with any team in January. With Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich interested in him.

It is reported by La Colina de Nervion that Rudiger is demanding £200,000-a-week for a new contract, but Chelsea are willing to pay £150,000 and this level seems too much for Barcelona. as well While he is still a key force of Thomas Tuchel as well, with Tuchel admits that he wants Rudiger to stay, but it all depends on the player himself.

“I hope we can find a solution. It’s not just between the coach and the players. It also included what he wanted. And now it is in negotiations between the club and the players’ representatives,” said Thomas Tuchel.

“He’s in the strongest league in Europe. This is a big club. To me, there was no reason he needed to leave at all. but in the end The most important thing is between him and the club ufabet.”