Too many solo shows! Ince Ting Sancho was too dribbled.

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Former England midfielder Paul Ince has advised Jadon Sancho to dribble less. It will be a better result than the team.

Paul Ince thinks Jadon Sancho is too single at times. By suggesting that he dribble less and focus on playing as a team.

The 21-year-old England international left winger joined Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund for a reported £75 million this summer. But still can’t break out of good form at all He was given the opportunity to play 7 matches in all competitions. Neither goal nor assist in the Red Devils’ squad, in part, Paul Ince believes is because Sancho is too into solo. Ready to point out that the players should focus on playing as a team more.

“Sancho still has a lot to learn. he is still young But he wasn’t playing the game. It’s not about trying to dribble to beat three or four opposing players. Or roll the ball in place like that. He acted like he just wanted to run with the ball. And he has to learn to play as a team more, not just about dribbling. Sometimes it’s better to just pass the ball to a friend and move into the penalty area,” said Paul Ince.